During the epidemic, the police went to a hotel to check people’s itinerary codes and identification cards, but a lawyer proceeded to disseminate his knowledge of the law to the police.

On July 16, a video where the police forced citizens to present their health codes and identification cards sparked heated discussions among netizens. It was reported that the citizen was a lawyer, and the two policemen eventually had to leave in anger after this person brought the provisions of the law. After watching the video, many netizens praised this lawyer, saying that some people used the excuse of epidemic prevention to abuse power, but failed to achieve their goal.

At the lawyer’s request, the two policemen pulled out their police cards for him to check.

In the video, the police said, “The police can check all identifying information by presenting documents” in addition,, the police also say that it is a responsibility prescribed by Article 16 of the “Police Law.”

But unfortunately, for them, they met a lawyer, and the two policemen were reprimanded. The lawyer said, “This regulation is at the station and pier,” “You only have the right to check me when I am a suspect.” He then accused the police of harassing citizens. He also asked them to study the law seriously and apologize, or he would file a complaint, and affect their personal records.

At the end of the video, the two policemen are angry and become speechless, then quickly leave. The incident has sparked lively discussions among netizens. Sound of Hope has compiled several people’s comments: “Using chicken feathers as an arrow, someone finally exposed it,” “Feeling so satisfied in my heart, but who knows if the lawyer will be retaliated against,” “All I can say this is a good lawyer, society needs such honest lawyers,” “Society needs such a true lawyer. However, such a lawyer will suffer in this totalitarian regime.”

Someone commented: “I checked and found what the lawyer said to be true. The identification card may be checked after the law enforcement officer presents the law enforcement certificate in the following cases:

(1) It is necessary to determine the identity of the person suspected of committing a crime;

(2) It is necessary to identify the suspect when controlling the scene in accordance with the law;

(3) It is necessary to identify the person involved at the scene when an emergency occurs that poses a serious danger to public security;

(4) In a railway station, long-distance bus station, port, wharf, airport, or a place prescribed by the city’s people’s government during a major event;

(5) Other cases of identification required by law.

“The law must be strict and clear, and there can be no ambiguity in the wording of the law!”

“As a law enforcement person, you must first obey the law and understand the law. You cannot flexibly use or distort the law. This is a basic quality! I think the lawyer did the right thing!”

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