According to Sina News, it has been said that all flights at Shanghai’s airport will be canceled. The local authorities immediately refuted the rumor.

“First Financial Daily” announced on Weibo that as of 9:30 on July 13, 804 flights were canceled at Shanghai Pudong Airport, while Shanghai Hongqiao canceled 480 flights. The cancellation rate reached 72% and 63.7%.

This kind of confirmation has attracted a lot of debate from netizens. However, a selection of comments at the bottom was filtered. More than 3,000 comments were not displayed.

Netizens joke that all cancellations are rumors, and 72% of cancellations are true. They didn’t cancel all, but only 72%. They didn’t shut down the city for 7 days, only 7 days times 7 days, or 49 days.

Some netizens listed information on Shanghai’s refuting rumors many times recently, saying that the more the rumors were denied, the more they panicked. 

All airport flights have not been canceled.

14-day preparation of necessary supplies is just a suggestion.

There is no 100-day action plan.

There will be no large-scale lockdowns next week.

The March formula is seemingly coming again.

A netizen reveals that his community has been closed since July 6. After 7 days, the authority should lift the lockdown. But there hasn’t been any notice so far. Everyone is like a fool, waiting for Shanghai to issue an official announcement.

Zhang, a resident of Yangpu District in Shanghai, says it is getting a little more serious now, but he is still in the low-risk area. Traveling without any problems at present is normal, but he cannot guarantee it afterward.

Li, a resident of Shanghai, states that it could be similar to the last time. There are still quite a lot of closures. Both of my houses have been closed. People are panicking about buying supplies, but feel exhausted. Outsiders are leaving the city, and now companies are recruiting people everywhere. Factories can’t function, and they go to the subway entrance to hire workers.

On July 12, Shanghai recorded 5 new local confirmed cases and 50 new asymptomatic infections. There are 16 high-risk areas and 234 medium-risk areas in the financial hub.

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