China is going through a severe heat wave; however, China’s tourism industry is experiencing an upsurge. Chinese media reported that train tickets for two tourist routes from Urumqi to Turpan Ring Line and Hulun Buir to Harbin are reaching high sales.

The strict Zero Covid policy also means many Chinese residents cannot go abroad. 

On July 20, Liu Jing, a staff member of Harbin China Travel Service, told the Red Star News that the most popular rooms on the Hulun Buir trip are the platinum rooms which cost more than $3,500, and the purple gold rooms, which costs $4,000.

The ticket price on the New Oriental Express was from about $4,300 to $7,700.

And its high-priced tickets are also a highlight. The operator revealed that “the more expensive, the better the sale.” However, many consumers are still willing to pay. The industry said that consumers have ages ranging from 30 to 50 and have a certain economic strength.

So what’s included in the package?

Different from ordinary trains, the two tourist trains, the Hulun Buir tourist train, and New Oriental Express, are both high-end and light-luxury routes. They both feature “all-inclusive” travel products. The train has double beds, desks, wardrobes, safes, independent toilets, and shower rooms. In addition, they provide services such as dining chairs, a bar, KTV, and a children’s playground, among others. The train also includes attractions, hotels, and catering consumption passengers enjoy at the destination.

Why is the price of travel trains so high? An important reason is that the cost to transform the vehicle remains high.

Industry insiders also said that the renovation cost of the New Oriental Express tourist train this time was almost $4.5 million. The transformation cost of each carriage of the Hulun Buir was nearly $150,000.

The person familiar with the matter said that this is only the cost to transform the car body, which excludes operating costs such as employee wages.

Analyst Liu Jing told the Red Star News:

“Train travel is very popular abroad. Now because of the epidemic, it is more troublesome for everyone to travel abroad. Naturally, they want to enjoy some high-end and different things in China.”

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