Despites criticism that returning to 4G chip might stop people from buying Huawei Mate50, the product online sold out in seconds and official stores were crowded with customers lined up for the new phone on launch day, September 21.

The phone is popular for many reasons and it’s not hard to find videos on the internet reviewing the Mate50. They cover various aspects of appearance design, performance configuration, operation, signal test, and the camera. However, the review video from blogger “Bogo Review” said that the Mate50 interior has been removed. This has caught public attention. 

The Huawei Mate50 series does not support 5G networks and only uses a 4G processor. However, dismanteling reveals something interesting about this device. It reserves a space for a 5G radio frequency chip on the motherboard. This suggests that the design of this smartphone obviously takes 5G into consideration.

The motherboard of the Huawei Mate50 Pro uses a double-layer design. All the components and chips have metal covers. The processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 also has metal covers.

With further dismantling, the Huawei Mate50 Pro has a place reserved for the 5G RF chip on the PCB. Interestingly, the filter capacitor resistors close to the RF chip were not removed. It shows that this mobile phone has been designed with 5G in mind. Also, the “TD Bridge Edition” in the future may use this opening.

Another video from blogger “Lou Bin Robin” didn’t examine the chip part. He said, “Due to some reasons, the specific chip information will not be displayed.”

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