The man who hung a banner criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the Sitong bridge in Beijing is being praised by the online community for his brave action.

On Oct 13, the Chinese online community spread videos and photos of a man wearing a yellow hat and red shirt setting fire to draw public attention to the banners protesting the CCP on the bridge.

On the banner were written lines such as:

No need for nucleic acid testing, a need for food.

No need for lockdown, need freedom. 

No need to lie, need respect.

No need for cultural revolution, need for reform.

No need for a communist party leader, need for real elections.

No need for people who only obey orders, need citizens.

CCP authorities immediately sent people to remove the banners, put out the fire, and take the man away.

Wang Dan, one of the participants in the 1989 Tiananmen democracy movement, paid tribute to the man creating a sensational event at Sitong bridge.

Wang said that in the grip of the CCP, a totalitarian and extremely brutal force keeping everyone silent, this man had done a miracle. Clearly, he was mentally prepared and accepted the cost of his actions.

Wang added that this man’s courage shocked the gods, he is a new Tank Man.

During the Tiananmen Massacre, a young man stood up to block CCP’s tank convoy. That act of bravery shook the world. And people gave him the nickname “Tank man.”

Wang said that today the man at Sitong going up against the CCP has also shocked China because of his bravery, he can be called a representative of the “Chinese soul.”

Wang noted that people should realize the meaning of this brave act, sometimes, the effect is huge.
According to Da Ji Yuan, netizens expressed support for Wang’s comments about the new Tank Man.

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