Besides finding a good job, managing expenses with the high cost of living in big cities is always a worry for many Chinese people when they want to leave the countryside to go to the city for work.

Recently, a viral video about the decision of three men in Shanghai has made many people feel sorry for them. They sleep in shifts on a single bed in a small room.

Footage shows the intermediary telling three men that the monthly rent was $139 (1,000 yuan). The three men took a closer look at the room and then went outside to discuss it. This small room with air conditioning has a separate bathroom and balcony, but only one bed exists. The three men began to bargain, cutting it to $125 per month. 

One of the men told the middleman, “We would take this if the rent decreased to 900 yuan.”

The middleman asked, “How will you share the bed?”

“It will be fine because we have different work shifts,” the man replied.

The man didn’t say what their jobs were, but this also touched the middleman’s heart. He said that he would talk with the landlord and ask for a rent discount.

A discussion over how to pay for living expenses has bloomed on Chinese social media in response to the tale of three guys renting a room for sharing.

According to SCMP, one commenter on the internet discussed the enormous disparity between blue-collar employees’ wages and the cost of living. Their salaries are frequently only around $700 per month. And it is challenging to find a good place with a price suitable for their pocket.

Multi-tenant shared apartments are now becoming common in megacities to resolve this concern. However, there is a potential danger when overcrowding occurs.
In 2017, a fire broke out in an apartment in a group rental complex in Beijing, killing 19 people. The investigation later found that the apartments on the first and second floors had been divided into many smaller rooms for cheap rent.

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