This year, the Chinese Communist Party’s senior authorities have undergone a severe purge directed by incumbent leader Xi Jinping. As 13 provinces and autonomous regions have completed the leadership transition, six officers have been eliminated.

Throughout the reform process, most top leaders at the provincial party committee level were repositioned, AboluoWang reported from Guangxi Bulletin. Six members of the standing committee under the age of 58 were removed from the committee for various reasons.

  1. Zeng Wanming

Zeng Wanming, the Party Secretary of Hunan Province, died unexpectedly In September of this year, ending his official career ahead of schedule.

Zeng Wanming, 57, was born in January 1964 and died on Sept. 8, 2021, during a business trip.

The “Hunan Daily” reported that Zeng had died from an illness but did not specify the cause in detail.

Unofficial reports online meanwhile allege he fell off a Hunan Building in Beijing.

2. Xu Liyi

 At the Party Congress of Henan Province, Xu Liyi, 57, the Party Secretary of Zhengzhou City in Henan Province, was dismissed from the list of candidates in October.

Xu Liyi, the mayor of Hangzhou, was relocated to Zhengzhou in 2019 as the party secretary.

Yet, as of Jul. 20 this year, Zhengzhou, Ha Nam, was deluged by torrential rain and flooding, resulting in massive damages and numerous deaths. The death toll was said to be over 300, but the actual number of dead and missing people was many times more.

Following the Zhengzhou flood disaster is an investigation and punishment of Zhengzhou officials. Xu Liyi secretly resolved to move abroad under the pressure of public opinion.

3. Yang Yue

Yang Yue was a member of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee’s Standing Committee, Vice President of the Province, and Head of the United Front Work Department.

Yang Yue was the Secretary of the Communist Youth League’s Central Committee Secretariat and Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation at 37.

Yang was assigned as party secretary to Fuzhou, Fujian, and moved to Jiangsu province a few years later.

Yang Yue’s political aspirations came to an abrupt end in March 2017. It had not been clear who issued the order, but he has since never managed to rise to any upper post.

In November of this year, Yang Yue was not re-elected to the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee’s Standing Committee.

Fouth and fifth rejects in this re-election are Jiang Jie, the former executive vice president of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and Baima Wangdui, the former vice president of Tibet.

Both of their present official careers are currently unknown.

6. Zeng Xin

Former Guangxi Political and Legal Affairs Commission secretary Zeng Xin turns 55 this year. Unprecedentedly, Zeng Xin was not nominated as a member of the Standing Committee at the Guangxi Provincial Party Congress. He has been missing from many political provincial events since mid-October.

After graduation, Zeng Xin has worked at the Ministry of Public Security’s 12th Department, rising from staff to director. 

Zeng was relocated to Hubei Province as Director of the Hubei Province Public Security Bureau at the 18th National Congress. In 2014, he also served as Vice President of Hubei Province and was promoted to ministerial rank.

Xi Jinping visited Wuhan in March 2020 to check on the pandemic outbreak, and Zeng Xin joined the security coordination command.

Zeng Xin was unexpectedly relocated after Sun Lijun, Zeng’s upper authority, was terminated in June 2020.

According to critic Chen Pokong, Xi transferred Xin last year because he wanted to “release the tiger ” to see if Zeng Xin is connected to the Sun Lijun case.

At present Zeng Xin’s whereabouts remain a mystery, and no official announcement about him has been made, stirring speculations. But as he went missing, it indicated he was involved in the Sun Lijun coup group.

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