Google has withdrawn its Translation app from the Chinese market, and analysts believe that Google is using this as an example for the Chinese regime. The Chinese government worries that Google’s other main core products will be withdrawn from China.

Chinese users cannot continue using the Google Translate function if they do not bypass the wall.

Liu Min, a mainland writer, said that Google’s translation is perfect, and its accuracy is much higher than Baidu’s. Becoming disabled will impact those who cannot overcome the wall.

Google has become a necessity for people’s livelihood. Google has also shut down software such as Google Maps and Google Pinyin Input Method in China.

Zhang Jian, a senior IT professional, said that Google is considering its future direction. Google is trying to make a point; should Google products continue to operate in China?

He emphasized that if Google does not allow the use of open-source Android systems, it will affect the development of China’s high-tech industry. People will also find it very difficult to communicate online at that time.

Zhang Jian added that Google played an irreplaceable role. If Google banned the use of Androids in China, it would be a disaster for China’s mobile internet.

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