Xiangshan Mountain scenic area in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province is well known for its tranquil beauty.

According to ​​state media CCTV, hundreds of locals often gather at the Xiangshan Mountain tour zone. 

In group, they exercise together by crawling and moving like crocodiles on the ground. The group wears red or blue uniforms and gloves, chant rhythmic slogans as they crawl.

The group’s exercise movement reminds viewers of the movement of reptiles, so they are often referred to as the “crocodile people.”

As the South China Morning Post reported, Zhu Jianliang is the group’s leader. According to Zhu, the group has been active for a year. 

Zhu Jianliang claimed that the exercise could help ease spine pain.
The number of members that started with a few people at first has now expanded to nearly 1,000 people. And the oldest member of the group is 69 years old.

This new form of exercise is not only seen in Jiangsu. In Changsha, in the Hunan region of central China, dozens of people engage in similar exercises.
Chen Xin, an orthopaedist from the Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing, said the crocodile-like crawling movement is not advised to patients with diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases.

Xu said, “Doing this movement can make your blood pressure spike very quickly and it will place more pressure on your heart than walking.”

One user on Douyin joked, “Animals learn to walk, and people actually learn to crawl, and experience each other.”

Another commented, “This is good, I don’t know if I need to use a chain or not.”

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