Recently, Chinese netizens posted on Weibo saying that the “zero-COVID policy” hasn’t ended! Netizens were frustrated by the 3-year disruption to their lives and criticized the 3 trillion yuan (about $432 billion) in spending, but surprisingly most of their posts and comments were not deleted. Currently, in many large hospitals across China, are seeing an overwhelming demand for examinations medical examination and treatment, with lines over half a mile long.

According to Sound of Hope, some Chinese netizens recently posted on Weibo, expressing surprise at the sudden changes in pandemic restrictions: The “zero-COVID” policy is still unfinished!

Some netizens criticized authorities saying that after spending 3 trillion yuan the pandemic rages on.

Another person said that in the latest announcement the term “zero-COVID” is now outdated. The health codes are gone. A bunch of pandemic vocabulary will also gradually disappear. The field hospitals will be remain unfinished and the nucleic acid testing companies will be liquidated.

Currently, major hospitals in China are facing serious medical shortages, most of the patients have colds and fevers, while others have difficulty in getting medical care.

According to China Youth Daily, at 8 p.m. on December 9, in front of the fever clinic of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, affiliated to Capital Medical University, people were waiting to be treated. Some of them started lining up at 2 p.m. that day and the wait time was more than 6 hours.

On December 10, there was a long line at the Youyi Fever Clinic in Beijing. (Video)

A video shows that at the 2nd Branch of Xuzhou Medical University in Jiangsu Province, hundreds of people crowded at the entrance of the hospital.

On December 10, in Baigou, Baoding, Hebei province, in a very small clinic crowded with many people.

On December 10, hospitals in Wuhan were overloaded, there were patients everywhere, and some people had to take infusions in cars.

At the fever clinic of Tongji Hospital in Shanghai, patients line up on the overpass across the street.

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