Haze Fan, a Bloomberg reporter in Beijing, has not been heard from since she was arrested last year on charges of “endangering national security.”

Nearly one year later, John Micklethwait, the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, released a statement about the incident on Dec. 7.

John said that twelve months in detention is a long time for anyone, even someone as intelligent and strong as Haze. Everyone is concerned about her safety, and they will continue to do their best to help her and her family.

Fan Ruoy joined Bloomberg in 2017 and was escorted from her home by plainclothes police on Dec. 11, 2020.

China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Beijing State Security Bureau had detained her on suspicion of engaging in criminal activities endangering national security.

However, Bloomberg said that when Chinese citizens work in foreign media, they can only serve as news assistants. Independent reporting is not allowed. Bloomberg has been searching for Fan.

Last year, The European External Action Service demanded China release Fan Ruoy and allow her access to her lawyer.

However, a spokesman for the CCP said that the incident was an internal matter for China so that other countries and organizations have no right to interfere.

Previously, The Foreign Correspondents Association in China said in March that the CCP took some foreign journalists hostage to use them as bargaining chips to deal with diplomatic disputes.

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