The outbreak in Chaoyang has spread throughout Beijing, and the government has closed the famous tourist attractions.

According to an NTDTV reporter from Beijing, the outbreak of the epidemic allegedly linked to a nightclub called Tiantang Supermarket in Chaoyang district and has spread to Xicheng district, where the center of the Chinese Communist Party is located. 

Beijing authorities say the outbreak is serious, and prevention and control are highly difficult.

The epidemic continues to spread at an alarming rate, resulting in increased related infections in at least 14 administrative and economic development areas in Beijing. Famous tourist attractions such as Shichahai and Huguosi street have been closed.

NTD reported the latest news from the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of the afternoon of June 15, 327 confirmed cases were linked to the Tiantang Supermarket bar.

On June 15, Beijing authorities had sealed off entire areas, including Huguosi Street and Shichahai.

Resident Yu Ming, the manager of a hotel on Huguosi Street, told NTD reporters that the area around the street was on lockdown, and many checkpoints were set up in the surrounding areas.

Yu Ming said: “It is not open to the public at the moment. Everyone in our hotel is now quarantine officers. The current situation is quite serious.”

Yu Ming also said that even after “July 1″—the anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China—Beijing would not be able to open for business.

Huguosi Street is a famous snack street in Beijing, now also closed, not allowing businesses to open. 

The waiter at the Tiantang Supermarket bar on this snack street—where the outbreak allegedly originated— said: “No way, this street is basically blocked. The dormitory of the bar’s staff is also on this street. Anyway, there are confirmed cases. They’re all on lockdown.”

Some residents living in the Houhai lake area said that after one customer was found positive in Kinh Le restaurant (Liji), the entire Shichahai scenic spot and Beihai park was closed.

According to NTD, a resident of the Houhai lake area, Li Zi said the situation is serious: “People in many places have been dragged to quarantine. Sanlitun bar street has been closed.”

Li Zi said there were more than ten large buses in Houhai to take people to the quarantine zone, but the nightclub clients went everywhere, not only in Shichahai but all over Beijing.

Now, the epidemic that started in Tiantang Supermarket is still spreading. Beijing has also added three new middle risk zones:

  • East Yaojiayuan Community and West Community in Pingfang town
  • Chaoyang district
  • Lujiaying village in ShibaiLidian town

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has always emphasized strict control and containment policies. Still, the epidemic has not been resolved in partial locations, and the infection which originated at Tiantang Supermarket has spread throughout the capital.

Foreign media is following the development of China’s capital outbreak. The Daily Mail published the article, “Beijing launches massive new coronavirus crackdown after ‘ferocious’ Omicron outbreak that spread from one reveler in a raucous 24-hour bar as the country continues its brutal zero-Covid policy”.

Under the title, “Beijing battles to cut off outbreak linked to a bar,” Ecns said Vice Premier Sun Chunlan called for fast action and scientific and effective measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic.

The ECNS also quoted Liu Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of the Beijing Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, saying: “With the epidemic outbreak developing quickly and spreading widely, the risks of infection still exist, and more areas are likely to be involved in future.”

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