On November 29, SCMP reported, “Tencent and Alibaba’s AI models understand Chinese better than humans.” In natural language processing (NLP) measures, Tencent and Alibaba AI models outperform humans.

Both models were joined to a Chinese Language Comprehension Assessment (CLUE) test, which was created to gauge the machine’s comprehension and response to Chinese text.

On November 28, According to a CLUE website ranking, Tencent’s “Hunyuan AI model” was placed top with a score of 86.918, followed by Alibaba’s AliceMind with a score of 86.685. Both performed better than people who had a score of 86.678. Meituan and Oppo’s AI models placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

Since many researchers established the CLUE standard, an AI model has never outperformed a human in terms of performance. This shows that understanding the AI model has reached a new level.

Natural language processing, also known as denormalized language, is the process of interpreting and analyzing human conversations to make them understandable to computers.

According to Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy said that there is a huge problem for human society when AI becomes ubiquitous: we will become dependent. As AI becomes more mature and intelligent, we will allow ourselves to follow machines’ decisions because machines always make more accurate decisions than humans.

Gradually we will be dependent on devices and unable to decide for ourselves as a society, and problems will become more and more complex. People will no longer be able to find solutions. When AI replaces humans in everything, that’s when humans stop evolving.

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