A Tesla in the southern province of Guangdong suddenly lost control, causing 2 casualties and 3 injured. The electric car-giant Tesla said it would assist China in investigating the cause of the accident.

The incident on November 5 killed a motorcyclist and a high school girl. NetEase posted a chat record of a suspected car owner about the accident on the internet. The car lost control, accelerated automatically, and the brakes were all smoked. Not only did the brakes fail, but it went full speed by itself and reached 198.

The video from the traffic cameras shows that when the car slowly pulled to the roadside, it suddenly turned and hit at high speed. Besides narrowly avoiding a bicycle, the high-speed vehicle hit a scooter and cargo motor tricycle, knocked another bicycle, and finally crashed into a utility pole and a van before stopping.

On November 13, the driver’s relatives posted on Weibo a technical summary. The pictures showed that, during the accident, the vehicle ran 2.6 km. Surveillance cameras recorded the Tesla’s brake lights coming on rapidly when there was no obstacle in front of the vehicle, proving that this brake light was not the AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) light but the driver’s action.

The driver’s relative accused the car of speeding up by itself, not the driver’s maneuver. Before hitting many vehicles, the car didn’t slow down, which proves that the AEB system was inactive due to some failure.

This account also revealed that the car’s owner had been a professional truck driver for many years. The man was in a clear mind and did not drive drunk or drugged.

Tesla told Reuters on November 13 that it would assist mainland police in investigating the cause of the accident, “Police are currently seeking a third-party appraisal agency to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide any necessary assistance.”

According to the videos, Tesla assumed that the car’s brake lights weren’t on and there was no action as stepping on the brakes throughout the vehicle’s journey.

Tesla has been accused of brake failure in China in the past.

According to the company’s statement to Reuters, the court ordered a Chinese car owner to apologize publicly and pay the company after it determined that statements he had made to the media concerning problems with his brakes were false and had damaged Tesla’s reputation.

The handling of a disgruntled customer’s complaints about defective brakes involved in a car accident last year led to a social media uproar when she stood on a Tesla at the Shanghai auto show.

Tesla blamed her crash on speeding but committed to improving its handling of customer complaints.

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