At 7:00 a.m. on July 23, a huge fire occurred in a tire factory in Fuqing, Fujian Province. The fire happened near a gas station, making everyone afraid.

The video spread on the internet showed that the black smoke surrounded almost the entire building. The blazing building sent thick columns of black smoke into the air. The cameraman said, “The fire was so big that more than a dozen fire trucks came over.”

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, netizens said, “Now there is still a burnt smell in the air.” If a tire burns, this kind of black smoke is poisonous.” “It’s terrible.”

Currently, there haven’t been any reports on damage or casualties, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Netizen: The social picture in Shanghai is unlike what state-run media broadcasted

Shanghai announced to lift the city-wide lockdown in early June. However, many small outbreaks have emerged up to now. These areas have been under strict control, making it difficult for people to make a living.

A viral video shared on Weibo on July 23 shows a heated argument between a foot spa owner and law enforcement officers.

The owner of the foot spa said that their industry belonged to the health industry, not the entertainment one. So she argued that her store should not be suspended. The store owner said that she could not afford to pay neither the employees, nor the rent and water bill.

Chinese netizens have also left many comments on this incident, and one user said “The true picture of society is not in the news broadcast, but by the side of every ordinary people”; another said, “Except for being an official, I’m afraid there is no serious industry.”

Dabai army take nucleic acid testing despite all location

Covid testing has become an essential part of China’s anti-epidemic measures. The governmen believes that mass testing will help deter outbreaks early and control the spread.

Some footages shared on the internet shows an army of Chinese pandemic prevent staff, also known as ‘Dabai’, carrying out the Covids testing in many regions.

They conduct the test in the desert. Under extreme hot weather, people had to line up waiting for the tests. Even the extreme low temperature cannot stop the procedure. Video shows the pandemic prevention personel carrying out the test under the cold weather in the deserted snowy mountains.

Not only human beings, any objects could be infected with the COVID. In another video, the Dabai also tested the wheat in the field.

Jiangsu: 9 cameras in the locker rooms, the company was accused of invading privacy

On July 22, a Jiangsu worker surnamed Wang reported the invasion of privacy of the company where she worked. Wang said the company installed 9 surveillance cameras in the locker rooms for female staff. It is very inconvenient for the employees to change into work uniforms. Although only several senior leaders in the company have access to cameras, female employees are still concerned about their privacy being invaded.

As reported by Chinese media Guangmingwang, chairman of the company, Qian said that cameras had presented in the locker room for many years. The company claimed that the cameras were for anti-theft, and they were installed in the locker room because some employees reported their mobile phones and other items gone missing. 

In this situation, Lawyer Chen Liang from Hubei-based law firm said the act was a violation of the employees’ rights. The company can only install the camera at the entrance and exit of the locker room. (video)

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