On December 3, Sound of Hope reported Shanghai is installing microcells, connecting with a massive data center via the operator’s network, and gathering mobile phone data to track the arrival trajectory of passing people.

Because the broadcasting range of microcells is minimal, signals collected from the microcells station will be sent to the macrocell station and can accurately locate personnel. The positioning accuracy range is 30 centimeters, and the positioning latency is only one second.

According to RCRWireless News, in recent years, Shanghai’s 5G base station has grown at an average annual pace of more than 65%. Additionally, as of the end of April, Shanghai has installed 8.2 5G base stations per square kilometer.

Chinese press reported nearly 52,000 5G base stations were built, with 20.8 5G base stations per 10,000 residents.

Shanghai Communications Administration said they intended to have them installed in all stores, malls, hotel parking lots, and communal office building parks by the end of the following year.

On December 5, Gu, a Shanghai resident, said, “They have used all kinds of methods to monitor the common people, including various modern technological means, to restrict and deprive the common people of their freedom, to control their thoughts, in all aspects. He took away all political power. (This is) anti-civilization, anti-moral, and anti-conscience behavior.”

“White paper revolutions” started a few days ago across China. The slogan was first yelled by protesters in Shanghai “Communist Party step down! Xi Jinping step down”. Many people were arrested, and even onlookers were implicated.

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