Tencent Holdings, China’s largest social media and video gaming business, said that it had fired roughly 70 employees last year due to bribery and embezzlement offenses and that it had blacklisted 13 companies from future contracts.

According to Reuters, the company will no longer deal with the blacklisted companies, and it will report a couple of the fired people to public security.

Tencent launched its anti-corruption campaign in 2019 and has been publishing the results of its investigations on a regular basis.

CNBC reported, in one case in 2021, a Tencent employee in charge of digital music used his position to solicit suppliers for favors.

In another case, a sports content employee has profited from an agreement with Tencent through a firm he controlled.

Beijing, which has been reasserting control over its once-freewheeling internet industry through a broad regulatory crackdown since last year, announced last week that it would investigate and punish any corruption discovered behind Internet platform monopolies.

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