On the evening of July 22, a brutal beating occurred near Dongfang Station, Guang Chang Bei, ZunHua, Tangshan, in Hebei. Police say there are at least nine suspects involved in the beating incident. Official reports from Chinese authorities say that two groups of people fought and five people were injured. Mainland netizens have questioned the so-called “Leiting Campaign,” which is supposed to wipe out gangsters and stabilize the social order of the Tangshan police. Authorities recently deployed the campaign after the case of four women brutally beaten at a Tangshan BBQ restaurant.

According to official media reports from Beijing, at around 9 pm on July 22, a fight broke out near Dongfang North Station in Tangshan. The investigation revealed that a person surnamed Wang and five other people were having dinner. While standing up, Wang bumped into the person at the next table, surnamed Li. As a result, five people from Wang’s table, including Wang, and four from the next, including Li, had a scuffle. The quarrel escalated, and the two sides came to blows, and five people (three men and two women) were injured to varying degrees. Eight suspects, including Wang, have been taken away by local authorities, and one is in a life-threatening condition.

The next day, the local authorities officially announced the incident. However, they did not identify the restaurant, and netizens speculated it could be a barbecue restaurant.

Six weeks ago, a similar incident in Tangshan caused a stir in the community that had not yet been resolved, with many unanswered questions. This new incident is causing continued speculation.

Fighting in Tangshan topped the hot search list on the Weibo application. So naturally, netizens are angry because Tangshan had just experienced the so-called “Leiting Campaign” to control gangster forces. But ironically, the city is again attracting social media attention because of a similarly shocking event.

Sound of Hope has compiled some comments from netizens:

“This is not simply a fight between people, but it also shows a government that is corrupting, leading people to unrestrainedly fight without regard to the law.”

“Tangsan’s Leiting Campaign has frozen hundreds of accounts, in order to silence those who dare to denounce. The government chose to lock the accounts to protect the authorities and their protective umbrellas in Tangshan. This measure really works.”

Netizens posted another video about a fight which is believed to have taken place in Tangshan. In the video, two women lie on the ground, one motionless and the other swinging her arm. A group of people stood around watching. Police did not release the surveillance video of the scene, so the community could not know the truth about what happened.

Netizens angrily denounced Tangshan authorities, claiming that the police are connected to the underworld and that the police and bandits are closely linked. “Tangshan Event” topped the trending search list with over 10,000 comments, but it was deleted immediately, leaving only a few “selected” comments.

Chinese people commented in exasperation:

“It was on the hot search with more than 300,000 likes, so I refreshed it, and the entry went black immediately. The force behind it is far from simple, far beyond the province’s forces.”

“Why is Tangshan so outlawed?”

“What shocked me was, in the comments section, there was an opinion that there was no fight at all, so there was no fight, right? It’s disgusting!.”

“This fighting incident near Dongfang Station has once again aroused public attention about the recent incident in Tangshan.”

“Can you tell us about the four women? It feels like they disappeared without a trace.”

“Honestly, fighting happens everywhere, but when it comes to Tangshan, it’s more sensitive. There is no news about what happened to the beaten women in Tangshan.”

Thousands of interested netizens immediately commented on the question, but they were quickly deleted.

Some netizens made a video about the Chinese officials’ handling of the case of thugs beating women in a barbecue restaurant, and said that the online community hoped to receive the truth.

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