Violence in Tangshan is a hot topic that netizens actively monitor and comment on social media, especially. Tangshan has been mentioned many times in other scandals. However, the Chinese government has always favored this city before.

Recently, in the early morning of June 10, in the “Old Seoul BBQ” restaurant on Airport Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City, Chen Jizhi, a local aquaculture owner, harassed and hit a woman in white who was dining in the restaurant. At the same time, Chen Jizhi’s accomplices also participated in the violent beating of her friends.

It happened in the early hours of June 10, and the people at the scene reported it to the police. However, It took more than ten hours to find the suspect, and state media was accused of favoring the perpetrators. It’s hard to believe because Hebei is strictly controlled for disease prevention.

This shocking incident also became a trending topic on Weibo. This is the third incident that has sparked social attention in three months, although authorities have tried to minimize it. 

Another incident was the case of an old farmer in Tangshan who rushed to work in the field during the epidemic prevention and control period in early May. Local inspectors saw and criticized him. The old farmer was forced to use a loudspeaker to apologize to the villagers, and he had to parade the streets. This incident was also a hot search on the internet.

Additionally, Tangshan imposed a “hard quarantine” to prevent the spread of the epidemic at the end of April. The officials required some households to submit their keys to lock their doors and tie the doors of some residential buildings by wire. Related topics appeared on the hot search, and Qian’an officials were forced to publicly admit that this action was extreme.

It is worth noting that Tangshan City has been repeatedly awarded “honorary titles” by the Chinese government in the past. As early as 2011, the city was awarded the title of “Third National Civilized City” by the authorities.

In addition, the city won the United Nations Habitat Honor Award (1990), the Dubai International Best Model Award for Improving Living Environment (2004), China’s Excellent Tourism City (2007), among others.

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