After the white paper movement, the number of Chinese asylum seekers has skyrocketed. On WeChat, the term “immigration” had search results exceeding 100 million on December 7.

According to figures released by the UN, the Chinese people’s demand for political asylum has increased tenfold this decade.

Demand for passports increased sharply; passport issues are increasingly becoming a concern for many Chinese citizens.

However, in Sovereign’s latest report, Taiwan’s passport is rated “A-,” but China, which does not recognize Taiwan, only receives a “C-.”

According to Sovereign’s research report, an A-level passport is an excellent travel document that can enter countries with a considerable degree of attractiveness, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

As for China’s C-rating, passport owners can enter many countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia; but C-passports cannot enter the Schengen area or most developed countries in the region.

The C-passport travel freedom score is relatively low, between 50 and 67 points, three times lower than A-level.

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