Until now, China is still sticking to its “zero-COVID” policy, ordering many pandemic-related restrictions over a handful of cases. But, predictably, its strict measures have also spurred public anger.

Recently, a Taiwanese man was required to continue his hotel quarantine period because the doorknob tested positive for COVID. 

According to the Central News Agency, the Taiwanese man visited Xiamen at the beginning of October and underwent “7+3” quarantine in a hotel. 

During this period, his COVID test results were all negative.

On the seventh day of the quarantine, the doorknob in his room suddenly tested positive for COVID. Therefore, he had to undergo another three days of quarantine in the hotel, with one daily inspection.

His COVID tests remained negative, and the doorknob in the room was still positive. He was then ordered to quarantine for another three days. 

On the 14th day of quarantine at the hotel, the hospital called to inform him that they would come to pick him up to check up on his health.

Yet, he stayed in the hospital for another seven days without any symptoms.

He was later sent to another hotel for quarantine.

In total, he was placed in quarantine for 28 days. It cost him more than $1100 (about 8,500 yuan.)

When going to press, the man was still unable to go home.

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