Taiwan railways, 7-11 supermarket screens hacked: All use China’s advertising software

As Taiwan’s United News Network (UDN) reported, after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, 7-ELEVEN unified supermarkets and Taiwan Railways screens and display boards all featured anti-Pelosi text on August 3.

Chen Yaoxiang, chairman of the Taiwan National Communications Commission, said that the preliminary investigation of the 7-ELEVEN unified supermarket and Taiwan Railway signboard incident found the advertising media in the system had used Chinese software.

He cautioned that enterprises should be particularly careful when using Chinese software in their information systems because they will become the target of attacks at critical moments. [youtube video]

Negative reaction from Chinese’ Little pinks’ as Pelosi visits Taiwan

‘Little Pinks’ are young jingoistic Chinese nationalists. 

In response to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Chinese authorities threatened to “not sit idly by,” causing many ‘Little Pinks’ to be outraged. However, Pelosi’s plane landed smoothly in Taipei on August 2, disappointing the little pinks.

Many videos on the internet show ‘Little Pinks’ expressing their anti-Pelosi emotion. 

Footage shows a man crying and saying, “It’s a shame, even saying hit but didn’t hit.”

Some people even took banners to government agencies to demonstrate. The banners read, “Protest against Pelosi’s tampering with Taiwan,” and “The government’s inaction is an omen of the death of the nation and the destruction of the race.”

More footage showed a clothing store in Shenzhen named Pelosi had to hide its name because they heard that someone wanted to smash the store.

China spreads ‘Fake News’ of missile attack says Taiwan

The Central News Agency (CNA) on August 3 reported that mainland China Media was spreading false news before U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set foot in Taipei on Tuesday.

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense refuted the “Sukhoi 35 jets are crossing the Taiwan Strait” information released by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, CCTV.  

Chinese media “Global Network” also claimed that “A missile attacked Taiwan Taoyuan Airport and Taiwans’ air defense failed to intercept it.” In response, the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense said that the Taoyuan International Airport is in regular operation and is open 24 hours daily.

Taiwan Defense called the reports “fake news” and stressed that “it’s all false, don’t listen to rumors.”

Videos spread online: ‘CCP promised to let Taiwanese be the masters after reunifying Taiwan’ 

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan created a lot of interest, with many people following any news. Accordingly, a viral video about the CCP promises to let the Taiwanese be their masters after reunifying Taiwan.

Internet footage shows Liu Junchuan, Deputy Director of the Taiwan Office of the Central Committee of the CCP, saying that all Taiwanese would have sovereignty after reunification.

He added Taiwan would be forever peaceful, more economically developed, more culturally prosperous, more socially harmonious, more improved in livelihood, and safer and more dignified in the international arena.

Many netizens on Twitter left comments on this topic. User @Michael11520015 said, “That’s what they said before Hong Kong returns!;” user @TayanKhan said, “The mainlanders are not well protected.”

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