According to The Guardian, the Taiwanese are participating in military training courses to prepare in case of an invasion by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the future.

Businessman Robert Tsao is one of the sponsors of these training courses. He has donated 1bn Taiwan New Dollars (about $31,5 million).

Last month, he pledged to donate enough for three-year training courses to get 300,000 good troops.

Tsao, 75, said he was taught to be wary of communists from an early age, but he felt reassured when the CCP announced reform.

Tsao said, “My message to local Taiwanese is: our fate is in our hands. If you fight as bravely as Ukrainians, you will preserve your freedom and democracy.”

However, he did not always have the same view. In 2007, he campaigned for a referendum to unify Mainland and Taiwan. In 2011, he renounced his Taiwanese citizenship. 

But he came to his senses when he saw groups of thugs unharmed when attacking pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Since then, Tsao has ended all goodwill for the CCP.

Commenting on CCP, he said, “It has shrunk free speech, arrested human rights lawyers, Uyghurs, cracked down on freedom of Hong Kong and now they threaten Taiwan any way they can.”

This year, Tsao returned to Taiwan and applied for citizenship again. In August, he announced he would donate $100 million for “whatever was helpful.”

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