Over 100 Taiwanese and foreigners gathered in Taipei on Sunday, December 4 to support the Chinese people’s “White Paper movement” against CCP’s “zero-COVID” Policy.

Focus Taiwan cited Lin Ting-yu, an organizer of the rally, saying, “We should support them in fighting for what they deserve. That’s why we organized.”

Lin added, “It’s our duty as humans to support people fighting for their human rights.”

Lin and a friend also set up a Facebook page called “A4 Revolution” to inform the world about what is happening in China and attract more attention to protests against CCP policies.

Among the protesters on Sunday at Liberty Square in Taipei, there were dozens of high school students and foreigners.

A 15-year-old student surnamed Chu said, “I came here because I am very sympathetic toward Chinese people living in a communist society where they do not have freedom and democracy. Since we can’t go to China to join their protests, we can at least stand up to voice our support.”

Keith, an American who lives in Taiwan, praised the courage of Chinese people.

He said, “I am here to stand in solidarity with people in China trying to express their own rights of self-determination and to change their situation for the better.”

He added, “It’s very brave what they’re doing. I just want to show my support.”

Jonathan Seidman, another American living in Taiwan, said that reports on the White Paper movement were very “moving” because many people thought the protest would not last in China because of the CCP’s crackdown.

Seidman said, “People’s feelings and confidence have been crushed so long and so hard that it just doesn’t happen.”

He added, “To see this is a reminder for me that humans need freedom. No matter how powerful and oppressive the government or the authority, [this need] will leak through, it will come out when pushed hard enough.”

A National Taiwan University student named Will, who is also from the U.S., said that he realizes the need to “stand up for people who don’t have a voice or who have been deprived of their rights, even if it’s in a small way.”

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