Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) today produces the majority of the world’s most advanced semiconductor chips. However, it has long struggled with brain drain to China.

Nick Marro, an analyst for China, Taiwan, and Macau at the Economist Intelligence Unit, told Al Jazeera that Taiwan’s top engineers are being lured away to China. He added that these engineers would take some trade secrets. As a result, the incident could damage the competitiveness of the Taiwanese economy.

The South China Morning Post’s last year report showed that Liang Mong-song is a former TSMC executive. Liang now serves as co-chief executive of China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. In 2020, his salary reached $1.53 million dollars. He received a flat worth over $3 million dollars. His perks also include company shares.

One analyst who spoke on the condition of anonymity to Al Jazeera that lower-level executives and engineers can expect salaries three to five times higher compared to Taiwan. The median annual salary for a TSMC employee is around $65,000.

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