Taiwan Ministry of Defense highlights three weaknesses of the Chinese military, indicating challenges in attacking Taiwan

According to Aboluowang, an analysis named “Disputing the CCP’s Total Strike Power against the Taiwanese Army in 2025 to improve its combat force,” was released on Dec. 12, by the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense 

In the report, it is alleged that China’s military has three-week spots that would deter it from attacking Taiwan. 

First: The CCP army lacks equipment for regular landings. At this stage, the CCP cannot send all the troops to Taiwan simultaneously, but it needs to make multiple waves of landings. This makes it difficult for the CCP army to gain a combat advantage due to its scattered forces.

Second: The CCP lacks landing equipment, which would force it to take over ports and airfields for transportation and transport of troops in a fight with Taiwan. But Taiwan would not let go of its facilities that easily, and it would take time for Beijing to seize the properties. Landing operations therefore would be hazardous.

Third: the CCP has limited capacity for logistical support. Logistical supplies such as ammunition, food, and medicine must be transferred across the Taiwan Strait by transport aircraft and ships during landing operations. 

Taiwan’s superiority in the Strait, as well as the advantages of coordinated intercept operations, will allow it to disrupt such logistical operations and reduce China’s combat power of landing forces.

In the analysis, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense believes that Beijing could not conduct a full-scale invasion of Taiwan either, as there is also a U.S.–Japan base situated near the island. 

If the CCP is determined to proceed with its hostility, it must also be prepared for the intervention of international forces. At present, Beijing has caused discontent among many of its neighboring countries over its territorial marine disputes.

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