In response to China’s constant incursion, Taiwan’s army conducted missile training to demonstrate its determination to safeguard the island.

According to the Taiwan military’s May 27 tweet, the CG-605 Anping-class catamaran patrol ship demonstrated its capacity to launch HF-2 anti-ship missiles.

As the WarZone page reported, anti-ship missiles are suitable to install on these speedy Coast Guard vessels, which might enhance Taiwan’s naval capabilities in their defense against China.

With the HF-2 missile system demonstration on the Anping-class cutter, the Taiwanese military has more proof that smaller, cheaper missile boats can step into the defensive line.

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier stationed near Taiwan’s eastern coast has operated more than 300 flights this month. China’s air force also flies over the island regularly.

The Da Ji Yuan media analyzed Taiwan’s reaction to President Biden’s statement that the U.S. shall interfere if China invades Taiwan by force. Taiwan welcomes any diplomatic contacts, words, or actions from any country as long as they are beneficial to its defense.

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