According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” Taipei branch director Akio Yaita said that after Taiwan lifts the ban on Fukushima food imports, Taiwan-Japan relations will be more stable, and China is the only one left in the world to reject Japanese food. And the most unhappy will be Beijing.

Akio Yaita said that as this issue is now resolved, Taiwan-Japan relations will improve significantly in the future. And Beijing is likely to be the most dissatisfied.

He said that China does not want Japan-Taiwan relations to improve and that once the Fukushima food ban is lifted, China will be the only country in the world to refuse Japanese food, putting Beijing in an awkward position.

Akio Yaita said:

“Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen government has been considering lifting the ban on food imports in the five counties since it came to power in 2016.” adding that the ruling party, or Democratic Progressive Party and the opposition one, Chinese Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang were strong opponents and had opposite viewpoints on this issue. 

Democratic Progressive Party, with current Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, as chairwoman, supports a lift, while the opposition party Kuomintang supports a ban. Kuomintang is close to the Chinese government and supports reunification with the mainland, while Tsai Ing-wen’s party wants Taiwan to be independent. 

Just on Feb. 8, Chinese Kuomintang held three press conferences to express its opposition to Taiwan’s lifting of the ban on food imports.

He said that only China and Taiwan have a total ban on Japanese food in the world, but now, this status has changed.

He also stated that some Taiwanese politicians from the Kuomintang have recently voiced concern about food safety in disaster-stricken areas of northeastern Japan. They claim that food originating from that area is poisonous and harmful.

Akio Yaita refuted:

“Ensuring food safety is something that every country in the world has to do. But if you want to ban something, you must have evidence.”

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