Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elbridge Colby, an expert on China’s military security policy, wrote to the Wall Street Journal that U.S. should prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine. He also stated that China should not take the United States’ distraction in Ukraine as an opportunity to invade Taiwan.

According to the article “Ukraine is a Distraction from Taiwan,” A Russian invasion of Ukraine would be Europe’s most effective use of force since World War II, putting Moscow in a position to threaten America’s European allies. Many U.S. foreign policy experts believe that sending many U.S. troops to Europe to prevent a Russian invasion is proper.

From the article, U.S. cannot afford global military deployments for one reason: an increasingly aggressive China. In addition to boasting the naval fleet, China also has a type of polar sonic weapon.

Xi Jinping has made it clear that his national renaissance will not succeed until Taiwan reunifies. China’s military believes in its ability to conquer Taiwan. Given China’s military and economic power, China’s top leadership doubts that U.S. or any other country would respond to its invasion of Taiwan.

The article points out that U.S. must defend Taiwan to maintain its prestige as the leader of the Indo-Pacific alliance. From a military perspective, Taiwan is a crucial link in the first island chain in the Western Pacific. If Taiwan falls into Chinese hands, the U.S. will find it more challenging to defend critical allies such as Japan and the Philippines. At the same time, China will project its naval, air, and other military forces closer to U.S. and its territories.

Taiwan is also an economic generator, the ninth-largest trading partner of the U.S. It has a near-monopoly on the most advanced semiconductor technologies, which U.S. would almost be unable to acquire after a war in the Taiwan Strait.

The article says that U.S. should maintain its defense commitment to NATO and value its critical resources for the primary fight in Asia. Especially Taiwan, preventing China’s ability to dominate Asia is more important than anything in Europe.

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