Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense Chiu Kuo-cheng told lawmakers on October 5 that Taiwan is expanding the definition of “first strike” to respond to China’s activities.

According to The Epoch Times, Chiu said that recent aggressive actions by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) prompted Taiwan to expand this definition.

Chiu revealed that the Taiwanese government would calculate the impact of intrusions from China aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace. He told lawmakers, if the impact is significant enough, it will be considered the equivalent of a missile attack.

He added that the CCP’s military’s recent crossing of the median line on the Taiwan Strait was an attempt to take intimidation and harassment to a new level.

Chiu said, “The median line was supposed to be a tacit agreement for everyone.”

Chiu added, “That tacit agreement has been destroyed.”

Chiu shared that Taiwan initially determined that it would not fire first, but the situation changed, so it was necessary to expand the definition of “first strike.”

“Of course, we have a red line,” he said. “We absolutely will respond.”

Chiu condemned the CCP for unilaterally attempting to change the status quo by force and military threats. He said that the people of Taiwan were prepared to act in self-defense when invaded.

Concerns about the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan became more remarkable after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially after the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island.

However, up to now, CCP forces have only stopped at drills and infiltrating Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

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