China continues to maintain its “zero COVID” strategy to curb the outbreak. Even so, Shanghai continues to see a record number of COVID-19 cases.

According to Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, on May 8, the city of 25 million reported 322 new local confirmed infections and 3,625 asymptomatic cases.

As the South China Morning Post reported on May 9, symptomatic cases in Shanghai increased 49.8 percent to 322. These symptomatic cases rose the most since April 29.

Since the outbreak began in Shanghai on March 1, there have been 608,000 cases reported, including 547 deaths.

Fu Chen, head of the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, responded to Reuters’ questions last month regarding Shanghai’s asymptomatic rate.

He said that mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic infections in hospitals across mainland China exceed 95%.

He also proposed that if “mildly symptomatic” cases were included in the asymptomatic tally, the figures in the rest of China would be comparable.

Notably, China has not included symptomatic cases in their tally of confirmed cases. Chinese netizens have also accused Shanghai of classifying mildly symptomatic cases as asymptomatic.

The Shanghai government then didn’t immediately answer Reuters’ question about whether the city uses different diagnostic standards compared to elsewhere.

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