Recently, images of a car branded SVH Tundar appearing in China have attracted public attention.

China’s Sino Vehicle Hub Co. (SVH) made a copy of a large pickup truck with a 4-seater cabin.

It’s named the Tundar, similar to the famous Toyota brand model, the Tundra. Its name is just different from the order of letters embossed on the rear of the car. However, it has the same appearance.

This copy version is considered by experts to “looks like a toy car” because of its small proportions. Just in terms of the wheels, the real version is much larger than the copied version. Tundar’s wheels are only 13 inches, but the standard Tundra has 18-inch wheels.

Regarding the engine, the copy borrows from Suzuki’s Isuzu model. However, it has only a 1.0-liter natural gas engine, while the Isuzu uses a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine.

As for the interior, overall, it looks very sketchy but comes with a few standard amenities, such as air conditioning and a rearview camera. 

According to initial information, this car is priced at about $6000. However, the relatively low price in the market, along with the style of imitation throughout the vehicle, raises the problem of piracy in this country.
Cars and many other copycat products have appeared in China over the years. This phenomenon even has its own term, “Shanzhai” , a slang term for anything that steals ideas or styles from a well-known brand. This term started appearing 10 years ago in China with cheap phone brands at half a third the price of famous brands, such as Nokia, Samsung, and so on.

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