According to a recently emerged footage, some residents have started to try to escape the lockdown in Kunshan city, Suzhou province, 100 km west of Shanghai. Local police challenge their attempt.

The recorded incident occurred in the Zhonghuayuan community, where citizens attempted to bypass the iron fences. A resident from the community told Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan that this happened on Sunday, April 25.

The person, who goes by the pseudonym Feng, said that those who tried to break out asked for exemption or reduction of rent fees and food supply.

The negotiations often end up with local police, who would turn down their requests and arrest or suppress them.

Feng provided a clip that shows an official pointing to the crowd, telling them to be careful with their words and threatening to detain them. Other videos catch a handful of residents being taken away.

Feng said many non-locals are staying in his closed community. But because of the strict lockdown, they have no jobs, no income, and no government help.

Their living conditions became more complicated as the authorities only distribute vegetable packs to locals. At the same time, the lockdown is also making supplies more expensive.

These non-locals also struggle to access medicine because the implemented policy reduces delivery.

According to Da Ji Yuan, the Zhonghuayuan community has been sealed off for a month. Most residents living in the community are non-locals and low-income workers from factories.

All are under the situation of no jobs, no wages, lack of food, and must still have to pay for fees even during the COVID lockdown.

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