On October 13, a fire broke out at the Suzhou Supercomputing Center. Dense smoke filled the sky. The fire started at the standby No. 2 cooling tower, after about half an hour, the fire was extinguished, and no casualties were reported.

Public opinion hotly debated the event. The fire occurred right after the United States issued the latest restrictions on Chinese exports of high-end chips and manufacturing equipment.

The Chinese netizens questioned whether the fire was a self-protection method to cover up and obtain state funds.

Mr. Zhang, a resident of Jiangsu Province, said that the Suzhou supercomputer center is the country’s most strict place for fire prevention. The probability of a fire in such a place is 1 in 10,000.

He added that this chip manufacturing company has grown huge. Now the truth surrounding it has been exposed since the U.S. banned it. So they have to take self-protective measures, which is obvious.

Hua, a citizen of Shanghai, said that the made-in-China chip factory is just a shell and does not have core technology.

Some netizens believed that this was an explosion to cover up fraudulent production, no chips.

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