The COVID-19 pandemic is breaking out at many junior high schools in Ruzhou County, Henan province, China. Teachers and students of No. 5 junior high school and Qiling high school have been quarantined. Videos on Twitter (link 1, link 2) show that the students’ current situation is very disturbing.

According to NetEase, on September 26, a COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Ruzhou county, Pingdingshan city, Henan province. From September 27 onward, the whole area is in lockdown.

On October 6, the owner of a hotel in Ruzhou told Sound of Hope, “All shops are closed and all business activities are suspended. Can’t access highways, everything is locked down.”

The Epoch Times reported, a junior high school student in Ruzhou said that before September 30, a positive case was detected, but the school hid the pandemic, not tellling students or parents for its own benefit and reputation. Starting in the afternoon on September 30, the school confiscated students’ cell phones, quarantined students in a dormitory. They were not allowed to go out nor talk to their parents, and only eat two meals a day.

Twitter account Grace Li said, “This incident has led to widespread cross-contamination, and students with high fevers arenot receiving medical care.”

It was not until October 2, when a group of students were taken to quarantine that they learned that there was a pandemic in the school. The student interviewed was quarantined at Ruzhou Medical School on October 4. That student said that the pandemic was quite serious, a group of students were sent to Zhengzhou, but were not accepted and were returned to the school.

A video posted by @tw_tomy_ on Twitter on October 5 shows many female students’ voices shouting in unison, “Save us! Save us!”

The account @tw_tomy_ posted another video showing a student being sent to quarantine in Zhengzhou at 2 a.m. with her classmates and she said, “We have 25 people in the car, 16 have a fever, some have a high fever. There is another car with 22 people with very high fevers. The hotel would not allow us to enter. A teacher called the school board, but no one picked up. The literature teacher and the hotel manager then argued. The teacher said that a lot of students had a fever, they should be taken to Zhengzhou hospital for PCR testing. If any problem arises, the student could be directly treated in Zhengzhou, but the hotel manager didn’t care.”

This female student said that because Zhengzhou wouldn’t accept them, they had to return to school. But after returning, the school wouldn’t allow them in, making them wait outside with nothing to eat for a day.

In another video posted by Grace Li on October 7, a student at No. 5 junior high school in Ruzhou, said that some students had a fever of 38.5℃ (101°F), some up to 39℃ (102°F), 40℃ (104°F) without taking medicine. They didn’t eat until 10 p.m. last night, and they haven’t eaten anything today.

A parent asked a school teacher about their child’s situation. The teacher said she was not allowed to say, “because this is a government order.”

Another interviewee by the name of Ding, told The Epoch Times that the government is blocking information about the pandemic in China. “Several important recordings and videos that were circulated on the internet have not been found. I hope the community will pay more attention to the voices of the low-pitched people. The recordings of children telling about the real situation are truly tearful.”

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