Mass protests across China at the end of November showed the spirit of fighting for their rights by the Chinese people had been strengthened.

On the evening of December 12, protests broke out in many universities in China. Videos widely circulated on the internet show that most medical students protest against the unequal remuneration of working in the hospital attached to the school.

According to information from the Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher,” more than 100 master’s degree students from Xuzhou Medical University gathered to protest at night on December 12. The cause was that the hospitals participating in treatment for COVID positive patients only provided N95 masks to the staff. So naturally, this increased the number of students infected with the virus, and they had to quarantine.

It is worth mentioning that the salary of about $187 (1,300 yuan) per month they were supposed to receive was reduced by over $14 (100 yuan) per day when they were forced into quarantine. If they have to be isolated for more than seven days, they must make up time for anti-pandemic work for a month.

The situation of medical students who have been overworked but receive unequal salaries has also occurred at the Jiangxi Medical College of Nanchang University, Kunming Medical University, and the Western Chinese Clinical Medicine School of Sichuan University.

In addition, students of Fuzhou University protested on the night of December 12 because the school announced that it would not change its teaching plan. A few minutes earlier, it announced suspending classes to teach online and approved for students to go home.

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