Beijing has many anti-epidemic tricks. For example, a parent in Xinzheng City, Henan Province, said his child’s school limits toilet visits to only three boys and three girls at a time. Thus, the child fears drinking water so they wouldn’t have to visit the toilet too often. As a result, it has dramatically affected his health. 

On September 11, a parent of a middle school student in Longhu Town, Xinzheng City, China, went online to criticize their child’s toilet visit ration policy. They said:

“I heard from the child that their school only lets three boys and three girls use the bathroom at the same time. The child was afraid to drink water because he would have to go to the bathroom. Dehydration has caused a lot of damage to his health. I talked to the head teacher but couldn’t solve the problem. I would like the leaders to help me talk to the head teacher.”

It is said that the school has come up with four ways to run the classrooms, dorms, canteens, and toilets. First, teachers and students go to the toilet in groups at different times and peaks so that they don’t all go simultaneously. There are several toilets in the school’s teaching building, and each is managed by a different person who keeps track of how many people use it.

People talked about the event in a very heated way on the internet. Some netizens said students had set times to go to and from class, so it is normal for them to go to the bathroom simultaneously. 

One netizen said: “They’re crazy. Afraid of gathering at the toilet, but not afraid of students gathering at the classroom huh?”

Another netizen said, 

“People’s physiological needs and the most basic rights have been deprived!” 

“There are too many absurd things in the absurd world!”

The netizen questions whether this is for preventing and controlling the pandemic or just a matter of formalism.

In the face of criticism, the Xinzheng authority released an explanation notice. It shows support for this policy. 

It claims that there are no restrictions on children’s normal toilet use. But the children need to go to the toilet in an orderly manner.

But the way the authorities talked about what happened didn’t calm people. Instead, it made people even angrier.

Some netizens said: 

“It’s so funny, going to the toilet in an orderly manner!” 

“This response itself is strange, how can you go to toilet in an orderly manner? Then what does going to the toilet in a disorderly manner would look like?”

Some netizens scolded, “I didn’t realize that the current school can’t even satisfy the child’s physical needs such as going to the toilet. The next step is to limit the number of breaths you can do.”

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