Late last month, students from various parts of China staged protests against COVID restrictions. Following the ‘White Paper Revolution,’ medical students from China’s numerous medical universities recently demonstrated, demanding equal pay. Security guards removed a student from Kunming Medical University in Yunnan from the group, and the incident gained criticism from the general public.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, in a video posted on the Internet on December 12, some students from the North Building of the outpatient clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, Yunnan, protested over the school’s unfair treatment. They demanded equal pay for interns, resulting in one of the students being taken away by security guards.

The school secretary responded to the incident, saying that the incident that the students reported was false. It was a social worker taken away by the security, not a student. 

Some students revealed that the postgraduate students of the affiliated hospital work very hard without receiving any subsidies. In addition, the hospital doesn’t allow students to return to their hometowns. Some even said they had to go to work even though they were infected. 

Mr. Cheng, an on-the-job teacher in mainland China, stated that these students go to the hospital for an internship. They are proficient and should be paid as regular workers. He said that the appeal was quite reasonable. However, the school’s handling of the issue was very shameless. 

Some netizens asked the school to explain the situation.

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