According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, a female associate professor of Hubei University of Technology made a phone call in a loud voice in the library as if noone was around. 

Then, a male student urged the teacher to speak in a low voice while patting her on the back.

She unexpectedly felt angry and shouted at the student.

When the student called 110, she grew more aggressive and continued to push the student.

She then accused the male student of sexual harassment for his action of patting on her back.

0:26 I’m sitting right here

0:27 He came to pat me

0:29 What does it mean?

0:31 I will sue you for harassment, ok?

0:32 You ask male classmate, he can testify

0:34 I don’t know your male classmate

0:35 I only know you sexually harassed me

0:38 Don’t touch me

0:40 Did you touch me?

0:42 I lightly tapped you twice

0:44 I also tapped you twice, ok?

After the video was published, it triggered widespread anger and criticism.

“With this quality of a university professor, I can’t imagine how she teaches”

“A teacher with no level is not as good as an aunt who sweeps garbage”

After the news aroused public attention, on October 14, Hubei University of Technology issued a “Situation Note” confirming the incident. 

The notice said that on October 13, the teacher in the school library was too loud while answering the phone and made rude remarks to others. The case is now under further investigation.

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