On August 24th, China Youth Network reported Guo Tengxu, a 20-year-old computer student of Hankou University, died in Hubei Sanxin Culture Media Co. Ltd. after finishing his part-time working day on July 9th. 

On July 6th, he and his classmates were sent to Hubei Sanxin Culture Media Co. Ltd. to work summer jobs through Wuhan Huaju Human Resources Service Co. Ltd.

On July 9th, he felt sick after a day of nonstop physical work. And six minutes after work, he suddenly fell into a coma. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with heatstroke. He died at 9:30 that night after an ineffective rescue. It was only the third day of his summer job.

The emergency medical records issued a “critical illness notice” to his family, declaring he suffered from “heat stroke.” 

His body temperature was 109°F.

Zhengguan News, citing Wuhan Huaju Human Resources Service Co. Ltd staff, reported the victim’s family demanded about $146,000 from the responsible party. 

However, the company staff said the incident fits within the ‘four no’ category. It did not occur during working hours, in the workplace, on the way home, in the dormitory, or from a work-related injury.

According to Zhengguan news, the police station, the Letters and Calls bureau, and other parties intervened in the mediation but were unsuccessful.

At present, the court is awaiting the hearing after submitting the case.

The Zhengguan News cited Guo Beili, the victim’s sister, on August 25th, who lamented her brother had worked there for three days and lost his life.
China Youth Network cited Qin Fan, a junior college student who worked there said everyone felt it was too hot that day at work. Because the warehouse lacked fans or air conditioners on the first day of work on July 7th, they discussed it with the factory. Finally, on July 8th, when they went to work, the fans appeared.

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