According to China Weather Network,at 5 am on September 23, the temperature at the observatory in the southern suburbs dropped to only 8.4°C (about 47°F). For the first time in the second part of the year, the temperature fell below 10°C.

According to Beijing News, an unusual force 11 wind would have made landfall in Beijing on September 22. It is expected to end in the afternoon of September 23.

Per Chinese media Apollo News, Beijing encountered strong gusts of wind across the city on September 22.

The local meteorological department reported that on September 22, the gusts in most regions of Beijing reached up to force 9, and in some places, they even reached approximately 11.

The Beaufort wind scale uploaded on the National Weather Service website depicts the wind strength from force 0 to force 12.

Accordingly, a wind force 11, with the speed ranging from 64-72 mph, is also described as a ‘Violent Storm.’ 

As mainland news  reported, the strong wind knocked down trees, and cut power supplies in some buildings. Also, several big trees were blown down by the wind near the Liuli Bridge on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing.  [Image]

Affected by the strong winds, Beijing Capital International Airport also canceled flights on a large scale, with only about 34% of flights operating.

Earlier this month, Beijing also experienced hail, lightning, strong winds, and torrential rains. Notably, hail slammed down from the sky and covered the ground.

Some netizens posted photos of hailstones on their palms, the size of ping-pong balls.

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