On June 23, several videos from mainland netizens captured the scenes of strong wind accompanied by lightning hitting Baoding City, Hebei Province.

Strong winds lifted enormous amounts of sand and dust into the air. 

Many tree branches were broken and fell on the road. Some trees were uprooted, and passerby’s narrowly escaped harm.

The wind was so strong that some citizens had to hold iron poles along the roadside to prevent them from being blown away. 

Fierce winds also ripped off many roofs. 

One netizen commented: Our factory doors were blown off, and my glass kitchen doors were blown off too! Broken branches are everywhere on the way home!

Another wrote: It was time to pick up my children after school, on the way, I was in shock, branches and small stones hit me, it was harrowing, driving a motorbike but it was like flying, I couldn’t open my eyes, with the heavy rain and strong wind, I had the feeling like the whole body was sinking into the abyss, so terrible, humans are so insignificant in front of nature’s fury…

One said: Our residential area has four older women blown into the shrubs and trees by the wind. They clung to the tree and did not dare stand up, waiting for the rain to subside a little before being rescued. This morning, everyone said that this was a really scary happening.

At 16:54 on June 23, the Baoding Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning for strong winds. According to the alert, except for the southwest (Fuping County and Quyang County), all other counties and districts in Baoding were expected to experience thunderstorm activity from the afternoon until the evening of the 23rd, with strong wind expected to reach level 9.

Recently, extreme weather has occurred in many parts of mainland China.

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