A video with a song that attempts to discredit U.S. democracy, published by the Chinese regime’s embassy in France on Dec. 10, generated mocking reactions and criticism from Internet users.

With the title “It is Ameri-cracy!” the production presents the United States as evil and hypocritical in the singer’s voice surrounded by drawn pictures of animals who also perform, according to the tweet to which the embassy attached it. 

The skit is a parody of Wellerman, a New Zealand sea song that has recently gone viral, according to Breitbart Dec. 14, which refers to a resident whale hunter. 

The controversial video caused the opposite effect of what its creators might expect and provided an opportunity for netizens to continue denouncing the grave human rights violations perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In a tweet, one netizen attached photos of Muslim Uighurs enslaved by the Chinese regime in concentration camps located in Xinjiang, China.  

“‘If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes?’ I dunno, why does the People’s Republic abhorrent to its people?” replied the netizen identified on the Twitter account as @PoliDrifter.

While others reminded that Taiwan was an independent country, contradicting the CCP’s version about it belonging to China. Another of them attached the classic photo of the tanks that attacked protesters during the Tiananmen massacre on June 4, 1989. 

One of the participants in the Breitbart debate responded, “China has plenty of issues: increasingly apathetic youth, a demographic time bomb, hundreds of millions of illiterate peasants that are a drain on their society and zero support from any other country.”

He added: “I’m not saying they’re not a significant adversary but they’re not all they pretend to be. Like the USSR in another era, they may be able to destroy the world but they’re going down with it. I don’t know that’s the road they want to go down, at least not now.” 

Indeed, the CCP continues to cause global concern, as the G-7 member countries made evident over the weekend through a statement in which they alluded to several aspects in that regard. 

The statement mentioned the military build-up of the Chinese communist regime and its threat in strategic areas such as the East and South China Seas. Also, the constant violations of human rights, mainly of political and religious prisoners.

The G-7 is aware that China has developed a worrying power, however, which can be quickly neutralized if the rest of the ‘strong’ countries of the West unite motivated by the common objective of fighting against the outrages of the communist regime.

On another tack, China’s economic data are problematic. They only present a rosy picture while omitting the real difficulties and pressures the country is facing, according to former Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, quoted by the South China Morning Post on Dec. 13.

For some critics, it is common for certain regimes to stir up complications and controversies abroad to distract public opinion from the complicated reality occurring at home, and this controversial video could be an example of this strategy.

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