The decline of real estate transactions has affected every line of the industrial chain. Many real estate companies have had a hard time finding new avenues.

Recently, a video showing people selling houses on the left side and meat on the right side of a long passageway in an intermediary store in Shenzhen was circulated on the internet.

On one side of the aisle was a butcher’s shop, and on the other was a real estate agent’s desk. There was a crowd of customers in front of the butcher’s shop.

Many people consider this a perfect way to attract customers.

In special times, models that are more profitable for real estate agents and ordinary people appear.

A gentleman by the name of Huang, the chairman of the owner committee of a large intermediary platform in Shenzhen, said that intermediary stores could add vegetables and fruits for sale in addition to real estate.’s online market share in Shenzhen used to be close to 30%. However, in 2021,’s share in Shenzhen’s resale housing market was only 9.5%. is not the first intermediary platform to test new monetization ideas. Previously, 21st Century Real Estate started selling liquor and hairy crabs on its online e-commerce platform.Li Yujia, a research scientist, believes that the combination of intermediary services and community services must be done, or it may also be an important trend in the industry’s future development.

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