On October 29, the sky over Urumqi, in Xinjiang, suddenly turned dark green. Some netizens scoffed that it was because God gave Urumqi a green health code. Others believed that if something happens, it must be from the devil, this is probably a bad omen.

For the last 80 days Urumqi has been locked down due to COVID-19. Officials say the current outbreak in the city is still smoldering and could spiral out of control.

A video posted by Twitter account holder @tw_tomy_ shows that on the evening of October 29, Urumqi’s sky suddenly turned green, dark clouds curled up, giving the atmosphere an ominous feel. A purple-blue sky also appeared in the distance.

Some netizens took photos of the different-colored sky and joked that the Saybagh area has a red code; the Midong area and the new urban area has a green code; and the economic development zone has a half yellow-half blue code.

According to Sina, from midnight on October 27 to midnight on October 28, there were 26 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases and 89 locally asymptomatic new cases; there were 841 high-risk areas and 125 medium-risk areas in Urumqi.

According to the official statement, the COVID-19 virus can spread silently in the community, because the virus has already started to spread before it was detected.

However, local netizens disagree with the official number of cases, saying that the numbers in the area are far greater. Sound Of Hope made note of people’s thoughts.

One person said, “Fake, a community has more cases than this number, not only Urumqi, but everywhere in Xinjiang.”

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