After COVID-19 pandemic measures in China were eased, nucleic acid testing sites were dismantled in many places. But now door-to-door nucleic acid testing service has flourished. Currently, the cost of the nucleic acid test is the highest in Zhengzhou, Henan, at 598 yuan (more than $86) per person for one test. A Chinese netizen pointed out that the extreme pandemic policy really isn’t over they are just starting something new.

After the CCP issued 20 new measures to optimize the COVID-19 pandemic policy on November 11, on December 7, it issued 10 more measures that stipulate that residents in high-risk areas must have nucleic acid tests. However, special places such as nursing homes, seniors’ homes, medical facilities, child care facilities, and primary and secondary schools require a negative nucleic acid test certificate. Critical organizations, large enterprises, and certain locations must define their own pandemic measures.

The Paper reported that projects such as taking nucleic acid samples and upgrading nucleic acid testing labs in many parts of China have been canceled or suspended. Currently, nucleic acid testing sites in many places have been dismantled, but home nucleic acid testing services are booming.

Jimu News reported that, as people in Zhengzhou were searching for nucleic acid testing sites everywhere, the home-based or door-to-door nucleic acid testing service had quietly gained popularity. According to the newspaper, the cost of taking a PCR sample on the spot in one day and receiving the results the next day is 598 yuan per person, including the cost of a test tube that costs 16 yuan (about $2.3) per person, the rest is service fees, including materials, personnel fees and vehicle fees.

According to the report, a number of organizations are currently offering nucleic acid testing services at different prices. In general, it is cheaper to book an appointment in advance. Judging from the pricing details, home-based testing is not profitable from the testing fees. Where they make their money is on the additional services. Regarding the appearance of this expensive home testing service, most netizens have a negative view.

On December 7, Zhengzhou city announced 929 nucleic acid testing sites, but the demand for nucleic acid tests ordered online is huge.

A video posted by Twitter account “And” on December 7 shows that the nucleic acid testing booth on Dongming Road and Nongye Road in Zhengzhou starts at 8:20 am and ends at 9:20 pm. The account said that 400 to 500 people were unable to take the test and had to wait 2 hours. No one wants to wait, but without testing, they can’t go anywhere. A large number of people at the scene expressed their displeasure.

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