Recently, the Electricity Department stopped supplying electricity to the dormitory of the Faculty of Economics and Foreign Trade of Wuhan Textiles and Garment University and fined the school $290,000 (2 million yuan) because of stealing electricity.

According to the document issued by the power supplier on September 9, the Faculty of Foreign Trade Economics stole electricity from a privately-made 4,100 KVA transformer. The school admitted the violation of electricity use. However, it has not yet paid the fine.

The incident caused a backlash in the school’s student community.

 On September 19, students protested against the action of the school.

The school called the police, and several officers arrived at the protest scene.

On September 20, after the protest incident, the school secretly tallied the list of students participating and threatened to expel them. 

An image in a tweet showed that a person with the screen name “counselor-Teacher Li” posted: “Notice: All students who participated in tonight’s gathering event will be checked down by the school. As long as there are our students, they will be directly reported for expulsion @All members.”

Netizen “Mu Xintong” commented: 

“… I think the counselors who sent notices in the group to ask the dormitory director to count the number of students have no conscience. They ignore the real needs of students and don’t solve problems for students. What do such counselors do? It’s better to go home and sell sweet potatoes…”

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