Chinese people just spent a “Golden Week” holiday from October 1 to 7 to celebrate Chinese National Day. 

However, many Beijing people said that they just wanted to stay home for this year’s National Day holiday. The reason is that many places in China are applying strict anti-pandemic policies to stabilize society ahead of the 20th National Party Congress.

Beijing is the venue for this important Chinese Communist Party (CCP) meeting, so the anti-COVID pandemic’s tightening is inevitable.

According to VOA, At least 24 provinces and cities have issued notices calling on people to hold festivals locally, including Beijing. Besides, Beijing residents must comply with the requirements of nucleic acid testing. If people need to return to Beijing after the festival, people have to have an opposing nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours and enter the green code of Beijing Health. However, those who enter and return to Beijing will not go to crowded places within seven days after arriving in Beijing and will have to undergo two inspections every three days.

Such strict regulations make it impossible for people to choose a vacation with enjoyable travel or go to visit relatives. 

Wang, a Beijing person, told NTD that he didn’t go out. He’s afraid of being locked up unexpectedly when he arrives at other places, and it’s hard to come back. Therefore, the only option is to stay at home on holiday.

Comments on this issue, Li Yuanhua, a Chinese-American historian in Australia, said that people could go a year or two without going home because of the pandemic. But, still, they can’t cut themself off from their families for the rest of their life.

He added perhaps the Chinese people could tolerate the harsh epidemic prevention measures in the short term. Still, if the world is living normally and the CCP maintains harsh control measures, the people’s grievances will only grow.

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