While Chinese state media is reporting positive news about Shanghainese enjoying some lockdown easing, residents say they are going through the opposite.

CCTV reported on May 16 that the pandemic in Shanghai has been under control, and the city would gradually lift restrictions. Xinhua News Agency on May 17, reported images and footage of some residents going to the supermarkets.

People’s Network also uploaded on Weibo positive images of Shanghainese going back to the supermarkets.

But according to the Central News Agency, a resident from Minhang District said people are not allowed to go out for groceries until May 21. A person will still have to get a green COVID pass in order to leave their homes. And there are no solid criteria for what would qualify a person for the permission, everything is decided by the neighborhood committee.

On May 17, a video allegedly filmed in Longbai Sancun Community, Minhang District, went online. It features a group of residents marching with trumpets and fireworks, with signs saying celebrate the reopening. There were also others recording the scene with their smartphones.

Until a man jumped in and angrily denounced if the lockdown has been eased. Onlookers also stepped forward and argued. A background voice was heard saying it was all a fancy act.

On WeChat, a blog post written by an account named Zhang Bei went viral. The person said she received text messages from her friends congratulating her that Shanghai had finally lifted the lockdown. She was confused, as her community was still being restricted.

She said she felt like living in a parallel world, she could not tell if someone has resumed work or any business had resumed operation.

For the state media, she said they treat any small, isolated positive news as a situation for all places, and it cannot be a rumor. For negative news, it is vice versa. If it does not happen everywhere, it is a rumor.

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