The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mentioned a state media poll at the CCP’s 20th National Party Congress. The results show that Chinese youth no longer prefer Western countries and values, even looking down on them.

This poll was published in The Global Times on October 21. Accordingly, respondents who previously “looked up” to the West and experienced envy, admiration, and respect showed a sharp decline. This year, only 3.9% of young Chinese people chose to “look up” to the West, down more than half from 2021 (8.1%).

Additionally, the article points out that today’s young Chinese are increasingly confident. More than half of young Chinese believe that China has surpassed Western countries regarding public security and human rights.

However, many Chinese students abroad have doubts about the reliability of this survey.

James Wang, a Florida international student, told NTDTV that the poll is the same thing the CCP often flaunts: that more than 90% of the Chinese people support the Communist Party.

That is not entirely true because many protests against state control broke out in many places. Most recently, before the 20th National Party Congress, there was an incident of banners hanging on the Sitong Bridge in Beijing. It sparked a revolution among young people to support expressing personal opinions about the CCP’s strict management under the COVID pandemic.

Prominent are two young girls holding a banner to march in the streets of Shanghai, which have received support recently.

Chinese youth and Chinese student groups abroad are also braver. Many posters and slogans in support of “Sitong Bridge Warriors” have appeared in many universities in the UK and U.S.

Li Yuanhua , a Chinese historian in Australia, commented on this poll. He told NTDTV that the poll is provocative and combative. He bluntly said that under the totalitarian system of the Communist Party of China, the result of the survey might not be young people’s truth.

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